Evers re-hires dozens of Walker appointees

MADISON (WKOW) – The latest on the battle over whether Gov. Tony Evers legally rescinded 82 of former Gov. Scott Walker’s appointees, finds Evers re-hiring most of the Republican appointees, but leaving some key positions open.

One of those positions belonged to Ellen Nowak, who was prevented by a security guard Thursday from accessing her sixth-floor office in the Hill Farm State Office Building.

Republican senators during a lame-duck session in December confirmed 82 people former Republican Gov. Scott Walker appointed to various boards, councils and other positions. A Dane County judge ruled last week that the session was illegal but an appeals court stayed the ruling Wednesday. During the interim Evers rescinded all the Walker appointees’ appointments.

Republicans insist the stay means the appointees have their jobs back. Evers’ attorneys say his move was completely legal since he took action before the stay was handed down.

Still, on Thursday afternoon the governor reappointed 67 of the 82 appointees. Among the 15 positions he left vacant are two University of Wisconsin regent slots and the state Public Service Commission chairwoman – the job Nowak was appointed to.

Nowak tells 27 News she was “disappointed” she was barred from access to her job.

“I want to go to work and get a paycheck,” Nowak says.

Democratic Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul believes confirmation of the appointments in the republican controlled lame duck legislation became part of a legally-flawed process.

“This legislation has had all sorts of bad effects, one is, it is only because of this legislation , this extraordinary session legislation that we have this state of confusion including regarding those appointments,” Kaul says.

Republican lawmakers and their attorneys have said the lame duck legislative actions were legally sound.

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