Powerball jackpot winning ticket sold in New Berlin

With a winning ticket sold at a New Berlin Speedway gas station, many are eagerly awaiting someone to come forward and claim it.

That lucky person has 6 months to make themselves known; they can’t stay anonymous.

Whomever it is, will have some big decisions to make.

“The person who takes the annuity would get the 768.4 million dollars but if they take it as a lump sum it would be 477 million dollars in cash,” Cindy Polzin, Wisconsin Lottery Director, said.

But where does that nearly 300 million dollar difference come from?

Wisconsin Lottery staff says they only have 477 million to give out right now.

The jackpot of $768.4 million comes about, after the cash option is invested and paid out over the next 30 years.

The Lottery says, lots of people in Wisconsin who didn’t play, will cash in.

“Even if you did not buy the winning Powerball ticket, but you’re simply a homeowner in Wisconsin, maybe you’re sitting back last night watching the draw, your property tax relief just got a little bit better,” Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca said.

The state will get around $38 million, even if the winner is from out of state.

Since the lottery came to Wisconsin in 1988, the taxes earned from winnings has raised 4.3 billion dollars in property tax credits.

The IRS will take nearly $115 million.

Before anyone gets any money, the Lottery has one major piece of advice for the winner.

“Sign your ticket, that’s the most important thing, sign your ticket,” Polzin said.

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