Spring storm will give areas chances for snow

MADISON (WKOW) – After a stretch of warm weather, a strong spring storm will develop over the Plains bringing snow chances and much colder temperatures.

The rain/snow mix continues in the afternoon and evening. Accumulations will be highest north and northwest of Madison, where more consistent snow will fall. Farther south, you will change over quicker to rain.

Temps hold steady Wednesday night as a warm front begins moving north through Illinois. Expect mainly rain showers, though it’ll still be a mix farther north.

On Thursday, expect scattered rain showers, with maybe even a few midday or afternoon claps of thunder, especially south. Temps warm into the mid to upper 40s, though it’ll still be breezy, dropping wind chills.

As the strong area of low pressure departs our region, we could still see a few, light, mixed showers on Friday, and again, it’ll still be breezy. Temps stay chilly in the low 40s.

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As snow accumulates through Wednesday, roads will begin to deteriorate, mainly north of Madison. Expect a slow drive home from work.

Those areas that pick up a few inches of snow will need to shovel by the evening, and it’ll be heavy and wet. Rain should melt most accumulations through Thursday as temps warm.

We’ll receive 1-1.5 inches of rain (or melted snow) region-wide. The ground has thawed in the last few weeks, so that should help alleviate much flooding, but there will still be isolated standing water in low-lying areas.

Areas in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin could get more than a foot of snow, so when all that eventually melts and flows downstream, our waterways will rise in the coming week or two.

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