All-clear for some to move back into partially-collapsed apartment building

MADISON (WKOW) — Residents in all but 8 units are able to move back into their home at Summit Hill Apartments Monday after the building partially-collapsed a week ago, according to the Madison Building Inspections office.

The McKenna Boulevardapartment building partially-collapsedduring the removal of a load bearing wall Monday, April 8.

Awoman nearly fell through the floor of her apartment when it happened.

RMK Management, the owner of the apartment, sent out this letter to its residents Sunday:

Summit Hill Resident Update
Sunday April 14, 2019
Dear Summit Hill Residents,
We are sending you this special Sunday update because we have some wonderful news to share!
As of this afternoon, the Madison City Inspector has approved the reinforcement work of the structural engineering firm, and our building 1202 residents are being allowed to return to their homes. So, as of 5:00 this afternoon, anyone who has not been personally notified will be able to once more re-occupy their apartment. You may also choose to stay in the hotel rooms provided for you again tonight if it’s more convenient for you, or you may return to your apartment to stay or pick up clothing, personal items, etc.
Please be advised however, this building has been without power for almost a week. Thus all perishable items in your refrigerators must be disposed of. The management company will be standing by tomorrow to help you with this task if you so desire. All we ask is, if you’d like us to empty your refrigerator and dispose of the items, please leave a note on the outside of your apartment door advising us that you’d like us to take care of this chore for you.
We know how hard this week has been on all of you, and we sincerely apologize once more for the inconvenience this incident has caused. Thank you all again for your awesome patience, cooperation and support.
Now, we are well aware that there are many subjects yet to be discussed in the aftermath of this unfortunate situation. The next steps relating to your questions about compensation for time and items lost, out of pocket expenses and insurance issues will all be addressed in the next few days. Further updates will be coming your way later in the week as we begin to formulate answers for the questions we know you will have.
On a related note, a new source has reached out to us with an offer of warm clothing for any displaced resident who may need such items. If this is something that would still be helpful to you, please let our management office know tomorrow.
Speaking of the management staff, after a week of tireless activity on your behalf, they will be once more returning to their normal office in the 1202 building as of tomorrow. Even though the office is normally closed on Monday, they will be available during the usual business hours of 9 am to 5 pm You can also reach us via email atsummithill@rmk.comor by phone at 608-270-9100. The special resident hotline set up during the crisis will now be deactivated.
Thanks again,
The RMK Management Team

An official with the city said most people can move back into their apartment. Crews are still working to make sure the remaining units are safe. More may be cleared later Monday.

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