42 percent of people say they'd "definitely" support Trump for 2nd term

(WKOW) — A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post show what could be President Trump’s biggest challenges in the 2020 presidential election.

According to the poll, just like last year’s midterms, health care is the president’s biggest challenge. About 40 percent say his handling of health care makes them more likely to oppose him rather than support him.

In general, about 42 percent of people said they’d consider President Trump for a second term. In the Midwest, about 54 percent of people said they’d “definitely” or “possibly” support him for re-election.

However, some people are ruling him out completely. About 29 percent of people said they’ll definitely support the democratic opponent, they’re just waiting to see who it is.

The poll also looked at challenges with immigration, trade and the Mueller Report. It found that those who were more likely to oppose the president on those issue where less likely to support him in other scenarios.

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