Madison firefighters head to Appleton to fill in service

MADISON (WKOW) — This week, a Wisconsin firefighter who was shot and killed on duty will be laid to rest.

A public visitation for Mitch Lundgaard is Monday from 3:00 to 5:30 pm at Appleton Alliance Church in Grand Chute.

The funeral is private.

While Appleton firefighters will be paying their respects to their fallen brother, crews from all over Wisconsin will be filling in for fire service.

The news of Appleton firefighter Mitch Lundgaard’s death was a shock to many across Wisconsin.

“I knew immediately that a lot of really close friends were going to be hurting,” Madison Firefighter Matt Powers, said.

Saturday, Powers and other Madison firefighters were cleaning up an engine, preparing to head up to Appleton.

“Five of us are taking a Madison Fire Department engine up, specifically to to provide coverage out of fire station one in appleton,” Powers said.

He say’s it’s always an honor to support their fire fighting family in a time of grief.

This time around, though, it means so much more.

“All five of us started our careers in Appleton at various time periods and for various durations,” Powers said. “All of us were actually assigned to to Station 1 in Appleton at some time or another.”

While none of them overlapped with Mitch Lundgaard, they hope to do everything they can to help Appleton firefighters.

“They can rest assured and not worry about having any interruption in their service to their community members as they support Mitch’s family and support each other,” Powers said.

The Madison Fire Crew will be joining a half-dozen other crews from across the state in manning all six of Appleton’s fire stations.

They’ll be there for 12 hours starting at 10 a.m..

The Madison Fire Department will also be sending a bus full of firefighters who will be attending the funeral.

Lundgaard was shot Wednesday afternoon after providing medical care to the person who police say killed him.

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