Procession honors fallen Appleton Firefighter

APPLETON (WKOW) — First responders from across Wisconsin are paying their respects to Appleton firefighter Mitchell Lundgaard who was killed in the line of duty last week.

Dozens of law enforcement and firefighters showed up for the procession to honor Lundgaard.

He was shot and killed while responding to a medical emergency last Wednesday when police say the man he was helping started shooting at police.

Today saw a somber procession as hundreds from Outagamie county showed up to pay their respects to the husband and father of three.

Lundgaard is the first Appleton firefighter in over 85 years to die in the line of duty.

His procession traveled to and from the Appleton Alliance church for a public visitation Monday afternoon.

The truck carrying his casket drove past fire station one, where he was based. His three sons rode along in the truck.

Appleton firefighters have the day off so they could honor Lundgaard as firefighters from across the state are covering their shifts.

“That’s what our profession is all about: serving a community and making sure we can be there on someone’s worst day, and in this case, someone’s worst day was a member of our own community,” said Matt Powers, a Madison firefighter.

Mahlon Mitchell, who serves as president of the state firefighters association, issued a statement ahead of the funeral:

Mitchell Lundgaard will always be part of a brotherhood of strong and courageous men and women. Our brothers and sisters dedicate their lives to serving others; recognizing that at times our own safety might be in danger. But our community is mourning the loss of more than just a firefighter today. Mitchell Lundgaard was a husband and a father, a son, a brother, and a friend to so many. He selflessly gave his life serving his community. In turn, we must embrace those he left behind as they cope with the grief of this devastating loss.

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