Evers tells state Democrats he's not boring

(Wisconsin Radio Network)- Governor Tony Evers served notice, at the weekends’s state Democratic party convention in Milwaukee. Evers said that he and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnws were pegged during the camapaign as “boring”

“A lot of us have said that about me. We’re boring,” Evers told delegates. “And you know what we said to that? The hell with it.”

Evers told delegates at the Potowatomi Casino and Convention Center that’s there’s nothing boring about standing up for the people of Wisconsin. Republicans continue to take apart Evers’ budget proposals. “I have the most powerful veto in the nation, and to them I say, who is boring now?”

The new chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said said his first order of business will be to get the party more engaged with expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin. Evers proposed budget included a provision to accept federal money through the Affordable Care Act to expand the program. Republicans have pulled that provision from the budget.

Ben Wikler told delegates in Milwaukee over the weekend that “Republicans are on the wrong side of history.” Wikler, who defeated state Representative David Bowen, said he personally called every delegate as he campaigned for the job that was vacated by outgoing chair Martha Laning.

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