GOP pulls Evers gas tax proposal in favor of fee hikes

(Wisconsin Radio Network) Higher title transfer fees and an increase in annual vehicle registrations is what’s fueling the Republican plan for Wisconsin’s roads.

GOP leadership on the state’s joint finance committee approved the plan late Thursday night.

Republican representative Mark Born says they’re spending more money directly on roads than the Governor’s plan.

“Probably late enough that my daughter’s in bed so I’m going to use some of the Governor’s language when he tweets today: ‘Fix the damn roads!’ This motion fixes more damn roads than his does.”

Instead of a gas tax increase, Wisconsin drivers will pay an extra 95 dollars to transfer a title, and anywhere from 10 to 25 dollars more a year to register their vehicle. Democrat state representative Evan Goyke says it’s a bait and switch over a gas tax.

“It is illogical that you would tax the owner of a Ford Explorer 25 extra dollars a year and then not raise the tax on a truck that weighs 60 thousand pounds or 80 thousand pounds.”

Also in the bill is payment for a bridge in Kaukauna, and a measure that limits local control over regulating the air and water quality of quarries.

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