Pet store looking for stolen kitten

MADISON (WKOW) — Madison Police are looking for a pair of cat burglars.

Authorities say they stole the kitten right out of a store Wednesday night.

Mary Hopkins, owner of Noah’s Ark Pet center in Madison, says kittens roam free.

“People love to come in and play with them,” Hopkins said. “They love to come in and interact with them, they can see the personality of the kittens.”

Wednesday night, two people betrayed her trust

“A girl came in with a man,” she said. “I was a little suspicious because he had a hoodie on and he had sunglasses on and it was at night.”

Hopkins says she saw them play with kittens in the back of the store.

After they left, one of the kittens was missing.

The kitten was taken from the cages they are kept in overnight, but luckily all of it was caught on camera.

“He grabbed the kitten out of the cage,” she said. “Opened the cage door, took it out of the cage, put it under his shirt first and then later on in the video we saw he put it into his pants.”

This isn’t the first time someone has stolen from them.

“It happened when we first moved into this location four years ago and that was before we had video cameras,” Hopkins said.

Now the whole store is hooked up to cameras, which gave them high quality pictures of the people responsible.

Shortly after Madison Police sent out the pictures, Hopkins was already being flooded with tips.

Some leading police to an apartment building in Windsor, but officers left empty handed.

Hopkins just wants to see that kitten returned.

“It makes me just sick to my stomach that somebody would feel like they could take a live animal and just steal it and decide, oh this is mine now,” she said.

If you recognize the two people in the surveillance photo, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.

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