Budget passed Senate on controversial vote, now heads to governors desk

One Republican State Senator made up his mind to vote “yes” on the state budget, after having doubts, just hours before the legislature convened, advancing the proposal to the governor.

The Senate passed the budget 17-16, which now heads to Governor Evers desk.

Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield), the swing vote, said he would support the $81 billion two-year spending plan which the Senate sent Governor Evers this afternoon.

To read more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/2019/06/26/budget-passed-senate-on-controversial-vote-now-heads-to-gov-desk/


The Wisconsin Senate has narrowly approved the state budget. The $81 billion dollar two year plan will now head to governor tony evers, who can sign the budget into law, veto it, or use a partial veto to revise it. The Senate approved the budget Wednesday 17-16.

The finance committee had eliminated a number of Evers policy proposals including a Medicaid expansion, legalizing marijuana and raising the minimum wage.

An income tax plan, giving schools $500-million instead of the $1.4 billion Evers had allocated and continued a University of Wisconsin System tuition freeze.

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