Shake the Lake final preparations adjust for weather

MADISON (WKOW) — Strong storms and high temperatures are impacting the final stages of Festival Foods’ Shake the Lake summer party.

Come Saturday night, people will crowd John Nolen Drive for Shake the Lake.

Friday, though it was a flurry of activity as crews set up the tents for food and drink vendors.

Liz Kern, one of the event organizers, says almost everything is going as planned.

“We’re good, we have a good plan in place, we’re just working with the elements we do have and everything should be on as scheduled,” Kern said.

There was one issue Friday: the fireworks.

All of the rain Thursday and Friday meant that pyrotechnic crews setting up the fireworks had major delays.

But Kern says it shouldn’t have an impact on the final show.

“Obviously they’re doing their best to get everything put together and what they’re working on is the same elements that we are,” she said. “It won’t delay the show at all tomorrow. It just makes today a little bit more challenging for them.”

Kern says they’re also trying to prepare for the weather Saturday.

They’ll have paramedics on hand from the Madison Fire Department, along with private staff they’re adding.

While the heat isn’t expected to be excessive Saturday, it will still be a concern.

Kern urged people to show up around the 5 o’clock start time, not earlier, so they won’t be outside longer than they should be.

They also want people to stay hydrated.

“We also encourage all attendees to bring a factory-sealed water bottle that will be allowed in,” Kern said. “They can refill that at the water wagon which will be located at the west dock.”

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