Vos open to discussions on allowing medical marijuana for Wisconsin

(Wisconsin Radio Network) Republican budget writers removed a provision in Governor Tony Evers’ budget to legalize medical marijuana, but the idea is budding anew at the Capitol, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wants to look at legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin.

Evers’ budget also would have decriminalized recreational pot in some amounts. “I do not support recreational marijuana” Vos said Thursday at the Capitol. But the Speaker said this fall lawmakers could look at allowing medical marijuana in Wisconsin

“The goal would be to try to show people that there’s a path, to be able to talk about this, to discuss it,” Vos said. “To figure out maybe a Wisconsin way that isn’t like Illinois or Michigan or Minnesota.” Minnesota allows marijuana for medical use, Michigan allows it for recreational use, and Illinois Governor J.B. Priitzker this week signed a bill doing the same there.

“I’d much rather figure out a way to get to yes than just instantly say “well because it could lead to recreational marijuana I’m an automatic no,” Vos said.

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has thus far been skeptical about medical marijuana.

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