Portable meth lab discovered in Delafield convenience store

DELAFIELD — A Delafield man is charged with using a portable methamphetamine lab inside a gas station bathroom.

Gregory Hardin, 49, of Delafield, was arrested after officers were called to investigate a strong chemical smell Aug. 7 that appeared to be coming from the restroom of a Kwik Trip convenience store.

It’s the first time police in Delafield have seen the dangerous setup known as a “shake and bake” meth lab,according to ABC affiliate WISN-TV.

Workers noticed a strong chemical odor and responding officers found remnants of a portable methamphetamine operation in the men’s room.

“When methamphetamine is created in this method, it creates a chemical reaction that can become explosive,” Delafield police Lt. Landon Nyren said.

Police located Hardin on a bicycle in downtown Delafield with a portable hydrochloric acid generator and tubing, drain cleaner, water and battery parts in his backpack.

Prosecutors have charged Hardin with felony recklessly endangering safety because of the strong potential for injury to others.

Hardin faces five felony charges in all, and he is scheduled to be back in court later this week.

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