Evers calls on Republicans to support gun background check bill

MADISON (WKOW) — Gov. Tony Evers is calling on Republicans to support a universal background check that Assembly and Senate Democrats said they are ready to introduce.

The announcement comes in response to two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas and after he met privately with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

The bill expands background checks on all gun sales and requires Wisconsin’s Department of Justice to check parts and attachments to firearms.

Attorney General Josh Kaul said his department conducts about 100,000 background checks a year.

“Their Second Amendment rights were not infringed on,” said Kaul at a press conference.

Vos said Thursday on WISN radio, universal background checks “won’t be effective at curbing gun violence” and it’s “unlikely” the legislature would consider them on the floor.

Evers called out Republicans saying if they don’t support this proposal, they’ll have to explain themselves at the ballot box.

“We need people going on record whether they’re for or against it and I believe will get many republicans to support this bill and frankly if they don’t they do it at their own risk at the polls,” said Evers.

Evers also said a “red flag” law will be introduced “at some point in time,” but did not specify when. He also didn’t rule out calling a special session to vote on a universal background check bill.

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