Squirrel with Coke can stuck on head rescued by Dane County Humane Society

MADISON (WKOW) — The Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center rescued a squirrel with a Coca-Cola can stuck on its head, the organization said in a Facebook post Thursday.

“A Coke can? Like an aluminum one?” a Society staff member was quoted in the post as saying when the call came in. “Well yes, we’ll want to see them right away!”

The person who caught the squirrel said it wasn’t hard to get the animal into a pet carrier because it couldn’t see. They just plopped it in front of the disoriented critter, and it walked into the crate.

The rescuer brought the squirrel to the Wildlife Center and let the staff gently remove the can. After it was off, staff saw the soda’s opening was pushed in just enough to allow the squirrel’s head to squeeze in.

Staff said the animal seemed “bright and alert, but less than pleased about their situation.”

“In as much as squirrels can make facial expressions, this one said, ‘Jeez, it’s bright! And who are these people?!'” staff wrote.

The Society said it kept the squirrel for several days to make it sure the critter was uninjured and “nutritionally sound.”

“We are happy to report this squirrel has already been released. There were minimal effects from being stuck, and we’re grateful for the rapid response of the finder,” the Society wrote. “This squirrel’s story is a reminder to properly dispose of —or recycle— the food and drink containers we generate that have such wildlife-tempting tastes inside!”

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