New concerns emerge over vaping products claiming to be CBD

There are new concerns about what people actually vaping after a South Carolina teen suffered acute respiratory failure then drifted into a coma after vaping.

Jay Jenkins says he vaped CBD oil, which stands for “cannabidiol” the active ingredient of marijuana but doesn’t contain THC. However, after an Associated Press investigation, lab testing confirmed the oil Jenkins vaped contained synthetic marijuana compound.

“Given all these unknowns, don’t vape it’s a simple message and it’s a safe message for everyone,” said Dr. Michael Fiore, Director of the UWCenter for Tobacco Research and Intervention.

Dr. Fiore said CBD products are sold on the street but also in stores. In 2017, The Journal of American Medical Associationstudyfound 70% of CBD productssold online are either over or under labeled, caused potential serious harm to its consumers.

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