Tentative agreement reached in cost-of-living increase for Madison teachers

MADISON (WKOW) — The Madison School District has tentatively agreed to a cost-of-living base wage increase after Madison Teachers Incorporated got thousands of people to sign a petition, according to the union.

On Tuesday, the district agreed to a 2.44 percent cost-of-living base wage increase for its teachers. This, after 4,000 signatures for the change were presented.

The Tentative Agreement on the terms and conditions of the 2019-20 Collective Bargaining Agreements cover all MTI bargaining units. With our Tentative Agreement, the District agrees to provide a cost-of-living base wage increase of 2.44% to all MTI-represented employees.

The wage increase cannot take effect until ratified by the union membership and the school district.

A contract ratification meeting for the union is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 19.

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