Public comment period for F-35 jets extended by Air National Guard

An extension for the F-35 comment period was granted by the Air National Guard according to Congressman Mark Pocan’s office.

The original deadline was scheduled for Friday. Pocan’s request will extend the comment period to 30 days. 

“We are very happy that the Air Force is extending the public comment period for another 30 days until November 1, giving Wisconsinites a chance to make their voice heard with this new information,” said Pocan. 

Pocan, a Democrat, is the representative for Madison.

“We also hope they will reconsider conducting a take-off and landing test to more accurately assess the noise impact of the F-35s.”

Last week Pocanalso requestedthe Air Force to provide additional testing of the noise impact of F-35 jets potentially coming to Truax Field.

Traux is one of two preferred sites for the new fighter jets. A decision will be made next year. 

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