Police make arrests after several burglaries in Shorewood Hills

UPDATE (WKOW) — Three people are in custody after a burglary spree in Shorewood Hills.

Police say they may have been responsible for other incidents across the county.

Six burglaries in one night is not a common sight in Shorewood Hills.

“This is a pretty peaceful chilled out neighborhood for the most part, I don’t like it that people feel unsafe and violated,” Michelle Ciucci, said.

She has lived in the area for more 11 years and Saturday morning she was the first to call 911 after someone had tried to break into her house.

“I heard a noise and for a nanosecond I thought it was our hot water heater flushing out,” Ciucci said. “Then I remembered all of the stuff that was going on and I thought that’s probably our garage door, we probably forgot to lock one of our cars.”

While they weren’t able to get into her house, they did get into her car and steal one uncashed check along with some smaller items.

Later in the day, another resident told Shorewood Hills Police officers that his home had been burglarized, but he might know where the people were after a phone was stolen.

“The resident said he was able to use the iPhone, Find My Phone app and pinpointed an area near corona court and Cimarron Trail in the city of Madison,” Lt. Courtland Martens with the Shorewood Hills Police Department, said.

That’s where they say they were able to arrest 3 people involved after a long foot chase.

“We did find a lot of property and the investigation is ongoing so they may be tied to more different ones all over the county,” Lt. Martens said.

Even though they’re in custody, Ciucci says that she’s not entirely set at ease.

“I was relieved that nobody had come into our house but I was concerned that they had been going into peoples’ houses and taking things and I know that can be really frightening,” she said.

The people who were affected told 27 News they hadn’t locked their doors either on purpose or on accident.

Police urge people to always lock everything up, no matter how safe your neighborhood feels.

MADISON (WKOW) — Police have arrested multiple suspects after a string of burglaries in the Shorewood Hills neighborhood, thanks to technology.

According to a press release, early Saturday morning police were sent to Blackhawk Drive for a burglary. During the investigation, an officer spotted four people wearing masks inside a car. The officer tried to contact the people inside the car, but they drove away. The officer however, was able to write down the car’s license plate, which was given to the 911 Center.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that license plate was part of a string of six burglaries in the Shorewood Hills neighborhood.

Police were able to find that car after a burglary victim’s phone pinged later in the morning near Corona Court and Cimarron Trail in Madison.

Police found the car on Cimarron Trail and began to tow the car for evidence. While the car was being towed, police noticed three men on the porch of the car owner’s apartment. The three men tried to run away but eventually were arrested as suspects in the burglaries.

A juvenile was also taken into custody inside the apartment as a fourth suspect in the case, but has since been released according to police.

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