GOP leader offers to separate proposed rule changes

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke said he offered to take separate votes on proposed rule changes but was turned down by Democratic leadership.

“If it made Rep. Anderson more comfortable we would remove the veto override portion from the bill, they said they would not, so there’s really no purpose to remove that portion from the bill,” Stienke told 27 News.

Rep. Anderson added when he spoke with Steineke he told him he could take out the override portion and form it into a resolution. Instead, Anderson wanted to do that for his accommodation request but said he was told that was “not an option.”

The proposed override rule would allow the Assembly to vote repeatedly against a governor’s veto.

Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said it was never a “deal” instead he called it a power grab to “distract from accommodating Anderson.” 

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Photo: WKOW

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