UWPD issues apology over Gameday tweet

The UW Madison police department's Chief apologized Monday for a tweet from Saturday that had gathered alot of negative responses.

The tweet showed a group of police officers on Bascom Hill with their arms crossed, wearing sunglasses, and said "It's Saturday. And you know what that means @UWMadisonPolice. Let's do this! #GameDay...again."

Chief Kristen Roman says she does understand why some individuals find the post to be negative.

"Despite my intentions, I acknowledge and own the impact of my tweets on Saturday afternoon on some members of our community and reiterate my apology," Roman said in a blog post. "As someone who has spent their entire career in this profession, I'm all too familiar with the strained trust communities of color, in particular, have when it comes to police. Along with the rest of the UWPD, I remain committed to continuing to build genuine and enduring trust across the community we serve."

The photo came from a video that UWPD had produced, which had been meant to be funny while also showing the seriousness of police work.

Screencap: Youtube.com

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