Staff member fired over racial slur says he was defending himself

Former Madison Metropolitan School District security guard Marlon Anderson told 27 News Thursday that when he said the n-word last Wednesday, it was to defend himself and educate a student who had used the word against him during a confrontation.

Anderson took to Facebook Wednesday after his firing, posting that the African American student called him the name and he asked the student not to call him that.

“Because I didn’t accept it and tried to correct the behavior with hopes of a restorative conversation, I got fired,” he told 27 News.

He said he has been a part of several of these restorative conversations in the past. Those have included administration and the student who said the word.

“I have the right to look you right in your face and tell you, ‘Do not call me that word,'” he said. “That is my right as a citizen of this country. That is my right as a black man to not be called that word.”

He said that he is trying to banish the word from everyone’s vocabulary, including those in the African American community.

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