Authorities warning about ‘meth candy’ ahead of Halloween

GRANT COUNTY (WKOW) — The Richland-Iowa-Grant Drug Task recently came across a batch of what they describe as “meth candy,” in southwest Wisconsin and are warning residents ahead of Halloween.

“This is something new that we haven’t seen before, but the influx of methamphetamine into our area has grown tremendously over the past couple of years,” Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman wrote in a news release. “We are doing what we can to keep it away from our young people; however with this item we found, it really changes the game.”

Authorities are warning homeowners to be vigilant this Halloween and check all the candy that your child receives.

“You are sending your kids out to strangers’ houses,” Dreckman told 27 News. “I wouldn’t believe that anyone would put that in there intentionally, however make sure when you get home you’re checking everything.”

Dreckman says what’s more likely is that the meth candy could become more popular among drug users who offer it to others.

“I’m really more concerned for teenage and college-age students that they need to be aware of this as well if this kind of stuff is out there,” he said.

There is not only the concern of the “meth candy,” but there are many products from other states (where it’s legal) that are candy products containing the active ingredient of marijuana, which can be detrimental to the health of a child, according to the sheriff.

“If you suspect it’s anything, just call us,” Dreckman said. “We’ll come out and check it out. If it’s nothing, it’s nothing. We’d rather be safe than sorry.”

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