Madison mayor submits comments on proposed F-35 basing

On the final day of submitting comments on the possible basing of F-35 jets at Truax Field, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway raised a broad set of issues ranging from the impact on communities of color to possible contamination the planes could bring.

She addressed her message to the National Guard Bureau in Maryland.

Madison’s Truax Field is one of several bases the United States Air Force is considering as a home for the new airplanes. USAF will make the final decision on where the F-35s go.

Opponents believe the jets will be much louder than the F-16s currently based at the airfield. They also contend the jets will contribute to other issues like groundwater contamination. Supporters say the F-35 will contribute to the local economy through new jobs and construction.

Today is the last day to submit public comments on the proposed basing of F-35s in Madison.

Rhodes-Conway’s full letter is below.

To read more go to WKOW:

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