State pays $850,000 in wrongful death lawsuit for windsurfer Yu Chen

  The family of a windsurfer killed in a collision with a University of Wisconsin Lifesaving boat has settled a lawsuit with the state.

Yu Chen, 43, was killed after he was struck by the UW Lifesaving boat on May 31, 2017 on Lake Mendota.

The state has paid Yu Chen’s family $850,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed against four employees and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Lifesaving station.

In a statement, Gang Chen, a family representative said the state did the right thing by settling the case. “This terrible tragedy should not have happened if the boaters paid attention that day, as they should have. We decided to settle with the State so that Yu’s elderly mom does not need to be tortured by having to go through lengthy litigation.”

The lawsuit named UW-Madison’s Lifesaving Station and four employees as defendants. The employee operating the boat was a trainee being supervised by the fourth employee, who was in the Life Service watchtower at the time of the crash.

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Photo : WKOW

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