Gov. considers another special session on guns

Gov. Tony Evers is considering calling for another special session on gun reform following a deadly school shooting in California, but Republicans are doubting the outcome would be different.

Last week,Republicans shut down Evers first special session within seconds and the next day Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Republicans would likely take the same approach if the governor calls them back into session.

27 News earlier this week talked to Vos about gun laws and why he refuses to hold votes on a pair of gun reform bills to expand universal background checks and implement a red flag law.

“He chose the most divisive, most complicated issues knowing he would not get Republican support, because to him, unfortunately, it’s all about polls and politics,” said Vos.

Vos was asked if a mass shooting happened in Wisconsin, how he would work with Democrats on the issue. He said if a crisis happened he’s willing to negotiate with the governor but said both sides would have to give and take.

“There’s a clear path for us to figure out ways to work together, but unfortunately seems like far too often he chooses ways that drive us apart and that’s unfortunate,” said Vos.

Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said they warned the governor after he called his first special session they would never support his gun reform proposals.

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