Iowa County authorities still looking for person who called in fake crash

Iowa County authorities are trying to find who placed a series of fake emergency calls.

On Monday first responders rushed to the scene of a reported crash near Dodgeville.

Turns out, it was an elaborate prank.

Three businesses in Dodgeville — a Pizza Hut, a Kwik Trip, and a cafe — each got a strange delivery order on Monday.

“It sounded like a young girl, she wanted just to order a sandwich,” Michelle Foyt, at the Cook’s Room Cafe, said.

She says she then heard a crash. The person on the other end of the phone told her there had been a bad crash and she needed help.

Foyt called 911, as did a person at Pizza Hut and a clerk at Kwik Trip who received similar calls.

“All of the sudden one of the waitresses heard a large crash noise and she said that she was just in a crash, and there’s three other cars involved and she’s stuck in her car and she can’t move,” the attendant at Kwik Trip said on the 911 call.

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