Man convicted in Visions Nightclub shooting sentenced to 10 months in jail

The man accused in a shooting at Visions Nightclub Dec. 9, 2018, will spend 10 months in jail, a judge ruled during a sentencing hearing today.

Cole Foster, 36, was found guilty of one count of first-degree reckless injury – use of a dangerous weapon and guilty of two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety – use of a dangerous weapon. He was also found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon.

He also was sentenced to four years probation and could serve more time if he violates his probation.

The judge stayed a four year prison sentence and four years of extended supervision on the first degree reckless injury charge.

A one year prison sentence and two years of extended supervision was stayed for the two first-degree recklessly endangering safety charges.

Five people were hurt in the incident at Visions Nightclub in December of 2018. Police say Dashawn Robert stabbed Foster in the head, then Foster pulled a gun and shot Robert. Police say Foster continued to shoot Robert as he crawled away, injuring three others in the process.

Robert was later charged with first-degree reckless injury in connection with the stabbing incident.

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