Edgerton is the latest city to consider community-wide bullying ordinance

The city of Edgerton is considering an ordinance that would allow law enforcement to city and fine people who they believe are guilty of consistent bullying, in or out of schools.

Police Chief Robert Kowalski told 27 News he has been working on the proposal for several months, and partnered with the school district in the process. He said he wanted to make sure they were okay with what he was putting into the ordinance.

“We’re drafting together the letter that will be sent to the parents so that we can work together, since they have social workers, and psychologists that are employed by the school,” he said. “We can work with them to help that child relinquish their bullying ways, so to speak.”

The ordinance is still working its way through the city council and is not official. Kowalski said the council is “supportive’ of the proposal and voted Monday night to set the fine range between $10 and $500.

to read more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/2019/11/20/edgerton-is-the-latest-city-to-consider-community-wide-bullying-ordinance/

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