S.W.A.T team responds to armed threat, Madison man being sought

Madison Police officials say a domestic dispute between a man and woman escalated into an armed threat, with the man eluding a S.W.A.T. team response.

Authorities say the woman told them the man pointed a gun at her, and threatened her, while they were in a car outside of their apartment building at 1115 East Wilson Street Friday morning. Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain says the couple’s one month old child was also in the car.

After tense moments, police say he ran into the apartment building, as the woman stayed outside with the infant and called police.

Officers deployed around the building for several hours, using an electronic bullhorn to direct the suspect to come out of the building.

“We wanted to keep him safe. We didn’t know what his demeanor was,” DeSpain says. “We wanted to keep people in the area safe. Some of the nearby apartments were evacuated, traffic was shut down,” he says.

To read more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/top-stories/2019/11/22/s-w-a-t-team-responds-to-report-of-person-with-a-gun-on-madisons-east-side/

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