Student hit by possible pellet from gun while getting off bus

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Metropolitan School District is looking into what they are calling an incident with a possible pellet gun on a Badger Bus route Tuesday.

The principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Dr. Tequila Kurth, sent out a letter to parents informing them of what happened.

Kurth said a student who was getting off the bus was struck by what "may have been a pellet fired from what, based on the description, may be a pellet gun." She said the family of the student who was hit called the school after it happened.

The school said they don't believe the student meant to hurt anyone, but they are taking the incident seriously.

The Madison Police Department was contacted.

See the full email sent to families below:

Dear Families, 

I am writing because there was an incident on one of our Badger Bus routes this afternoon (the blue route). 

This afternoon a student exiting the bus was struck by what may have been a pellet fired from what, based on the description, may be a pellet gun (not confirmed) possessed by another student on the bus. We were made aware of this by the family of the student who was hit, who called us after it happened. 

At this time we do not have any reason to believe the student intended to harm anyone with it. Nevertheless, we take this issue very seriously and we are following up with the student and the student’s family. Police were also contacted and we will 

cooperate with police to investigate and take necessary follow-up actions. 

Our staff will also be talking with our students about positive behavior expectations, the seriousness of possessing any type of weapon, including facsimile or toy weapons, and supporting them in making good choices. I would also like to reiterate a message that Interim Superintendent Jane Belmore sent to staff and families this afternoon, that is applicable to this incident: 

It is so important for students to speak up and say something to a trusted adult if they are ever aware of information that concerns them. Our school staff is always available to talk if you or your child have concerns about anything happening at school. 

We want students to feel empowered to positively challenge the “culture of silence” that can exist. We know that too often students who may have information about another student’s intentions or behavior hesitate coming forward. They may fear getting friends in trouble or retaliation, or they may think their voice does not matter.

Your child’s voice matters. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me.


Tequila Kurth

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