Madison neighborhood officers helped track down homicide suspect quickly

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Police Department's neighborhood officers were crucial in tracking down a homicide suspect, an assistant chief told reporters Sunday afternoon.

John Patterson said once officers pieced together that Marcus Hamilton, 20, was a suspect in the shooting death of the"young adult" victim on Spruce Street,neighborhood officers were able to locate Hamilton on the other side of town.

"They were able to do some pretty quick digging on what we knew about Mr. Hamilton and found some areas of the city to check," he said.

Hamilton does have a criminal record, but Patterson said they have resources within the department to find people no matter their background.

Hamilton is facing a charge of first-degree intentional homicide.

"There is definitely a positive to be able to bring some level of closure quickly to a case," said Patterson. "But of course, then you think about the impacts to the families and the people who are related, friends or family, to both sides."

The young man was not from Dane County, Patterson said.

The program promises that the county will amend or dismiss charges if the offender can successfully complete the requirements of a contract. This could include paying restitution or doing community service work.

The offender is also expected to promise to take measures to make sure they don't repeat criminal behavior.

Hamilton would have been on the contract for the next year.

The contract can be terminated if the offender is arrested for new illegal behavior proven to a level of probability.

Police said the level of targeted violence they see in these shooting situations continues to be "concerning."

"Clearly anytime something like this happens and involves young people, it's an absolute tragedy," said Patterson.

He said they are not releasing the victim's name at this time.

27 News learned Sunday afternoon that Hamilton had just been accepted into Dane County's first offender program in September. Court records show it stemmed from a forgery charge back in July.

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