Puppy thrown from car finds new home

The Dane County Humane Society announced a puppy thrown from a car in Madison last month found his forever home Thursday.

"Great news from our Adoption Center- Kringle was adopted," DCHS said in an Instagram post. "We're so excited for Kringle and his new two and four-legged family members."

A good Samaritan brought two-month-old Kringle to DCHS after she saw him thrown out the window of a moving car on Park Street in Madison.

She rushed the injured puppy to UW Veterinary Care.

According to Marissa DeGroot, public relations coordinator at DCHS, the puppy was in a lot of pain,

"The fall from the car window had fractured his front right leg," she said.

The UW vets gave him pain medication to make him more comfortable before Kringle was transferred to the Dane County Humane Society for further care.

Once at DCHS, their Animal Medical Services team discovered, with a break so severe, an amputation would give Kringle the best chance at a happy and healthy future.

"You can see how happy he is just to be loved and just to be around people and he's just so resilient," DeGroot said.

For more to go WKOW: https://wkow.com/2020/01/09/puppy-thrown-from-car-finds-new-home/

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