Trump defends national security and touts economy at rally in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- President Donald Trump touted his record on the economy while defending his national security decisions speaking to a sold out arena in Milwaukee.

Trump hosted his first campaign rally in Wisconsin of the new year speaking to thousands at the Marquette University Panther Arena, just blocks away from the future site of the Democratic National Convention. 

The president spoke to the crowd about his campaign promises made in 2016 such as job creation and record low unemployment, even giving former Gov. Scott Walker a shoutout as Wisconsin hit an all-time low record unemployment of 2.9% when he was in office. 

"As we begin the year, our economy is booming, wages are rising, poverty is plummeting, crime is falling and America is the envy of the entire world, and then our opponents say we're not going to win,” said Trump. 

The President also used this campaign event to defend his decision to launch a strike killing a top Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani, calling him the “number one terrorist.”

“He was responsible for murdering and wounding thousands of Americans and was actively planning new attacks, but we stopped them cold and frankly, they already started the attack, as you saw in Baghdad on our very large embassy in Baghdad,” he said. 

The president also addressing national headlines such as the impeachment proceedings and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to send over the articles of impeachment this week, the next hurdle to begin the Senate trial.

“The impeachment is a hoax, total hoax, I don’t know if you know this but it was a perfect phone call.”

During the same time as his speech, Democratic candidates for president took to the debate stage in Iowa. Trump attacking Joe Biden for his age and defending Bernie Sanders as controversy looms on whether he said Elizabeth Warren couldn’t win running as a woman for president. 

“I don't believe that he said this because you know I don't know him, I don't particularly like him, he's a nasty guy, but I don't believe he said it. It's not his deal,” said Trump. 

The president spoke for about 90 minutes, but his rally did have some interruptions as several people were kicked out for protesting, while another protest occurred outside. 

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