UW Health claims Act 10 prevents nurses’ union NEW

UW Health is asserting it cannot recognize a union that many of its nurses claim represent them.

UW Health said Act 10, a controversial provision passed during the Scott Walker administration, prevents the hospital and clinic organization from recognizing the Service Employees International Union as representing its nurses.

"UWHCA as a result of the 2011 Act 10 legislation, cannot engage in collective bargaining negotiations," the healthcare provider said in a statement. "UWHCA cannot recognize SEIU as the representative for all UWHCA nurses or meet and confer to reach an agreement with it regarding the terms of UWHCA nurses’ employment."

The nurses held a press conference in December of 2019 to announce they gained the support necessary to collectively bargain.

"The UW Health Board of Directors and leadership firmly believe that our providers and staff are the lifeblood of our organization – and that our nurses are the cornerstone of patient care at UW Health."

For more go to WKOWhttps://wkow.com/2020/01/23/uw-health-claims-act-10-prevents-nurses-union/

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