Plows will be out as snow continues

(WKOW) -- Snow totals are projected to be from 2 to 5 inches in much of southern Wisconsin by the time it wraps up Saturday.Slippery road conditions are possible .

Many communities have declared snow emergencies to allow for plows to clear streets and roads. The full list of snow emergencies is HERE.

Although Madison has not declared a snow emergency, all streets will be plowed, according to a news release.

A citywide plowing operation will begin Friday evening at approximately 11 p.m. Plowing takes 12 to 16 hours to complete, therefore plowing vehicles will be circling through Madison neighborhoods all night long into the early afternoon on Saturday.

All residents are encouraged to choose off-street parking options tonight to assist with plowing. 

Be sure to follow all other parking rules and posted restrictions tonight and for the week ahead.

This is especially important in neighborhoods within the Clean Streets/Clean Lakes parking areas.

Following parking rules greatly helps snowplowing operations as it creates an open lane of travel for plows to work.

Also, it allows crews to plow each street one time without needing to circle back a second or third time to push snow from the road in areas that had been blocked by parked cars or other obstructions.

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