UW vet school gets Superbowl commercial featuring cancer-surviving dog

Courtesy University of Wisconsin-Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine will get its own Super Bowl commercial thanks to the work they did to save on high-profile dog.

The school cared for Scout, a golden retriever owned by WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil, beginning in July 2019.

"Scout's illness devastated us," MacNeil said. "We wanted this year's Super Bowl effort to not only raise awareness, but also financial support for the incredible research and innovative treatments happening at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, where Scout is still a patient."

Scout starred in WeatherTech's 2019 Superbowl commercial.

The 7-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer on his heart after collapsing at home. According to the new advertisement, he had a one percent chance of survival.

At the time Scout was given one month to live. The UW Veterinary Care team developed a cutting-edge treatment plan that has almost completely eliminated the tumor.

A grateful MacNeil got the Superbowl ad rolling for his dog's saviors. This is the first time UW–Madison has been the subject of a Super Bowl commercial. It was created by Chicago-based agency Pinnacle Advertising and filmed in December at the school and its teaching hospital.

"This is an amazing opportunity not only for the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the School of Veterinary Medicine, but for veterinary medicine worldwide," says Mark Markel, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. "So much of what’s known globally today about how best to diagnose and treat devastating diseases such as cancer originated in veterinary medicine."

The university said all funds raised from the ad will "support research at the School of Veterinary Medicine to better diagnose, treat and prevent cancer and for the purchase of specialized equipment that will aid clinicians and researchers in identifying new cancer-fighting drugs and treatments — discoveries that are shared with the world."

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