Lodi woman sentenced to seven years in killing of boyfriend

(WKOW) — A Lodi woman accused of organizing an attack on her boyfriend that ultimately led to his death will spend seven years in prison.

McKayla Tracy also will undergo five years of extended supervision in connection with the October 30, 2018 killing of her boyfriend, Dalton Ziegler.

Jacob Johnson of Sun Prairie and Drew Luber of DeForest were enlisted by Tracy tobeat up Zieglerbecause she thought he was cheating on her.

Ziegler died after the attack.

Friday's was the third of three sentencing hearings in the case but Ziegler's sister Samantha Ziegler said it may have been the most difficult for the family to endure.

"They didn't even know him," she said. "And if it wasn't for her, I would still have my big brother a mile from me."

Half a dozen of Ziegler's friends and family came out to testify how losing the 24-year-old has impacted them.

"I saw his ability to find the good in even the worst kind of people and I thought that was what made him so remarkable," Mckenzie Havlik said of Ziegler.

Before Tracy heard her sentence, she addressed those family members.

"I do not go a day, let alone a few hours without thinking of him," she said.

She went on to say she loved Ziegler and his family and regrets her behavior leading up to his death

"Since then I've changed and grown into the person I should have been," Tracy said. "That you should have known and that should've been for him."

Luber and Johnson were both sentenced earlier and are serving prison time for the murder. Luber was sentenced to six years in prison while Johnson is serving a seven-year sentence like Tracy.

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