Madison man sentenced for attempt to acquire radioactive material

Jeremy Ryan, a frequent Capitol protester and former Congressional candidate, was sentenced today in federal court to time served following his conviction on charges of trying to buy radioactive material online in order to kill someone.

Ryan was arrested in October, 2018 and will now spend the next two years on supervised release.

Ryan had maintained his alleged attempt at acquiring a radioactive substance was intended to help him potentially commit suicide, not to hurt others.

Prosecutors say Ryan’s initial, on-line connection with an undercover agent included Ryan’s statements he was prepared to kill someone with the substance. Prosecutors also said Ryan wanted a rare material so as to create suspicion of government involvement in any death.

Authorities say Ryan picked up a package containing what he thought was Polonium-210 at a Madison UPS store.

Instead, prosecutors say a dummy, non-lethal substance was inside the package. Ryan was arrested a short time later after he went to the Shoe Box retail store in Black Earth.

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