SUV jumps curb, hits couple waiting to cross street

A Madison couple was injured Thursday afternoon when an SUV jumped the curb, striking them both.

Cecilia R. Brown-Troup, 51, Sun Prairie was arrested and faces charges of causing injury by impaired driving and felony bail jumping, according to a Madison police incident report.

The husband and wife were standing on a sidewalk at the intersection of Eastwood Drive and Division Street Thursday afternoon in Madison waiting to cross the street.

They got a walk light, but just then, a speeding car blew through the crosswalk. After the first car passed, the coast seemed clear for just a moment.

Then an SUV came careening their way. It jumped a curb, struck a light pole and hit the couple.

The wife has a broken rib, and her husband is seeking further care.

Prior to the pedestrians being hit, the SUV was reported to have caused a minor hit-and-run crash on John Nolen Drive.

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