Evers vetoes tax cut, calls for education spending

Gov. Tony Evers announced he vetoed a tax cut passed by Republicans in the legislature and instead pushed for using the money to increase education funding.

The tax cut was the GOP's plan on how to handle an unexpected budget surplus. Evers hoped to use the money to return funding to schools.

The GOP plan would reduce personal income taxes by adjusting standard deductions.

The governor's plan called for spending the funds on in school-based mental health services, special education aid, tribal language revitalization and $10 million in sparsity aid for rural schools.

"We don't have to choose between investing in our kids and reducing property taxes—we can and should do both," Evers said. "So, today I am vetoing this bill with the expectation that Republicans will come to the table and that we can find a compromise that invests in our schools while providing broad, meaningful property tax relief for taxpayers in Wisconsin."

For more go to WKOW https://wkow.com/2020/02/26/evers-vetos-tax-cut-calls-for-education-spending/

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