Wisconsin coronavirus patient remains in isolation

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says the patient with the only confirmed case of coronavirus in the state remains in isolation.

The person was tested and evaluated at UW Hospital prior to Feb. 5, but never required a hospital stay, according to health officials.

The patient is an adult with a history of travel to Beijing, China prior to becoming ill and was exposed to known cases while in China, according to a DHS news release.

The individual is isolated at home, and is recovering, according to health officials.

"What we're aware of is that the patient has done quite well, symptoms resolved and remained in isolation throughout the course of the illness," said Dr. Ryan Westergaard, a DHS Chief Medical Officer.

DHS did not have a timeline on when that person will be out of isolation.

"The patient is still in isolation and we have a protocol that we're following, with CDC's guidance, for how we can determine if a patient is released. It's just a matter of getting sufficient negative tests from the individual," said Chuck Warzecha, Division of Public Health Deputy Administrator.

DHS earlier this month said they were monitoring workers who came in contact with the patient.

There have been 17 people under investigation for the illness in Wisconsin, including the confirmed case. Fifteen tested negative for coronavirus and one case is pending.

Authorities say the risk of others getting the illness is still low here in Wisconsin and across the US. Right now, the focus of concern is on anyone traveling to areas where coronavirus is actively spreading, or people who've had contact with someone confirmed to have the illness.

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