Dane County, Madison officials prepare for COVID-19 pandemic

Officials from the Dane County and Madison governments, along with health care providers, addressed preparations they have made for the growing COVID-19 outbreak at a press conference Wednesday.

COVID-19: What it is and what to do

The new strain of coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19. Symptoms include cough, fever and shortness of breath.

In severe cases, pneumonia can develop. Those most at risk include the elderly, people with heart or lung disease as well as anyone at greater risk of infection.

For most, the virus is mild, presenting as a common cold.

Anyone who thinks they may have the disease should call ahead to a hospital or clinic before going in for a diagnosis. Doing so gives the staff time to take the proper precautions so the virus does not spread.

Those needing emergency medical services should continue to use 911, health officials said at the press conference.

(Our entire coronavirus coverage is available here.)

Preparing for pandemic

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