'Stay at home’ order asks nonessential businesses to close; Whats known

Governor Tony Evers issued a "stay at home" order to go into effect this week after three days earlier believing the state didn't need one.

On Friday, Evers said he didn't think such an order would be necessary but told 27 News that changed after getting advice from state health officials and the business community who told him it's a way to slow the spread of the virus.

"Issuing a safer at home order isn't something I thought we had to do," said Evers. "The experts and the scientists made it clear this is the way to solve this problem."

On Tuesday, Evers will issue what he calls a "safer at home" order, similar to a "shelter in place" to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which orders people to stay home and requires nonessential businesses to close.

The governor promised more details on what "nonessential" business means on Tuesday, but here's what we know so far what the order means:

People can still leave their homes but the governor is encouraging people to only do so if they need food, medicine, to visit a doctor or exercise.

In a tweet, the governor called healthcare professionals, grocers, and family caregivers essential businesses.

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Photo: WKOW

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