How police will enforce “stay at home” order

Local police and sheriff's departments are required to enforce Governor Tony Evers"Safer at Home" orderbut it doesn't mean you will be pulled over or ticketed if you leave your house.

According to the order, law enforcement will only be required to step in when a business is not complying with the order, such as lack of social distancing or they are not supposed to be open under the governor's executive order.

Those who are noncompliant with the order can face jail time, up to 30 days or up to $250 fine, or both. People won't need to carry any certifications proving they can leave the house either.

"You can still leave your home, walk the dogs and get some exercise," said Evers. "You won't have to carry any paperwork with you either."

The only time people may get stopped is if they are gathering in groups over 10. If that happens, people in the group may be asked why they are meeting and will be encouraged to practice better social distancing.

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