Dems plan for lawsuits, GOP predicts roadblocks

Six days after the election, results of Wisconsin’s spring primary are sparking interest from election attorney’s on possible legal challenges whether or not results and the election itself was fair.

Even before polls closed last Tuesday, legal challenges from both parties were brewing and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is preparing arguments for court, gathering interviews with voters about their experiences last week.

“Every legal option in on the table,” said Ben Wikler, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 

Wikler said they are talking to voters who complained they never received an absentee ballot, forcing some to show up in-person to vote. They are also speaking with those who felt disenfranchised as predominately minority areas were hit with poll closures. Only five out of 180 polling locations were open in Milwaukee, causing people to wait hours to cast ballots.

“Key principles for us is as fair as possible election after the outrageous sacrifices they made to cast ballots and that we fight for voters in elections going forward,” said Wikler.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mark Jefferson believes Democrats’ claims will be hard to prove in court.

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