MS Auditor says Brett Favre received welfare money for speeches not given

An audit out of Mississippi shows that over 90 million in welfare funds that were to be sued to help residents, were spent on concerts, sporting evens and to pay former packer Brett Favre.

Over $94 million in spending appeared wrong or not verified. The Mississippi department of human services gave money to two nonprofits in three years...Most of the cash came from the temporary assistance for needy families program.

Favre was paid $1.1 million. The cash was for three speaking engagements, a radio appearance and a keynote address. Fave didn't attend any of the events. Favre has not been criminally charged.

Another $1 million went to the pro wrestler known as “The Million Dollar Man” for services that didn’t appear to help impoverished residents.

The 104-page audit found the nonprofits spent nearly all of the money on things that had little or no benefit to Mississippi residents.

Photo: WKOW

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