State releases guidelines for businesses reopening

For the first time restaurants, waterparks, and nail salons are getting some guidance on how to reopen safely. 

Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation released new guidelines Friday on how businesses can open their doors safely once the safer at home order is lifted. 

The guidance suggests limiting interaction as much as possible with customers and workers and requires almost all employees to wear a mask.

Some of the general advice for businesses includes:

  • Making sure that employees who are sick don’t come to work
  • Curtailing business travel whenever possible.
  • Promoting telecommuting or other work-from-home arrangements
  • Making sure employees have access to sanitizers and personal protective equipment when appropriate.

“This is actionable advice for businesses especially for small businesses as they make their way back to reopening,” said Evers.

While we still don’t know when all businesses can open, the plan does give us a sense of what it might look like. 

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