Inmate at Dane County Jail hid COVID-19 symptoms, infected 32 others

DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- An inmate at the Dane County Jail intentionally concealed his COVID-19 symptoms to avoid detection and was responsible for 32 inmates testing positive.

The discovery was made through recent contact tracing, according to a news release from Dane County.

Twenty-five inmates that tested positive for coronavirus remain in isolation at the Dane County Jail Friday morning.

Since March 26, 37 inmates tested positive. Six have been released from custody and six took subsequent tests that came back negative. Inmates that tested positive didn't have serious symptoms, and no one has had to be hospitalized.

Social distancing practices have been put into place, but are a challenge. Inmate movement has been limited throughout the facility, but while it's been successful and minimizing transmission between areas, it doesn't actually address the limited space within the units.

That was evidenced by the inmate who infected the others.

There are an additional 34 inmates currently quarantined for monitoring because they were exposed to someone who did test positive for COVID-19.

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